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Band Bio

Origin:  Edmonton, AB
Genres:  Alt rock, rock, blues rock, Americana, Canadiana
Years Active:  2018- Present


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The Age of the Willing is a grassroots, Edmonton-bred band. Harry, Sean, Chris, Justin, and Yaro come from vast backgrounds, but they share a love of music that unites them as both people and musicians. Their reason for making music is simple: to share authentic human experiences with the people who allow music to speak to them. 


Harry, the band’s songwriter and vocalist, shares his life experiences through song. The band amplifies the expression by contributing their own hardships and vulnerabilities to the story. The collective experiences of the band result in raw, honest music that is at once devastating and empowering. 


The Age of the Willing shares stories of hopefulness despite hardship. It’s a unique sound,  embracing the rawness of rock, the soul of blues, and the sincerity of folk.


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To book Age of the Willing, please contact:
Harry Wojak
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